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 Wollongong Hospital HLS systems

Today new automated technology and advanced ceiling lifts are saving our governments, councils and medical facilities millions of dollars annually.

Not to mention the benefits to the health and wellbeing of nursing staff and patients. Established in 1999, Health care Lifting Specialists (HLS) are the exclusive Australian distributor of the Guldmann ceiling hoist system, ROPOX height adjustable kitchen frames and bathroom products and the Vendlet patient positioning system.

"The Guldmann ceiling hoist system is a superior way of lifting, handling and transferring patients," said Nick Stehr, Project Manager for HLS Healthcare on the Wollongong Hospital Redevelopment. "Guldmann represents best in class products offering market leading quality and reliability. This coupled with our extensive experience and expertise we're now known as Australia's leading provider of ceiling hoist solutions."

HLS healthcare supply a range of lifting and transfer products that assist people who have permanent or temporary disabilities. Their products are being used in hospitals, nursing homes,-aged care homes, schools, special accommodation and residential homes Australia-wide.

Below HLS Healthcare provided the Guldmann ceiling hoist system for the Wollongong Hospital Redevelopment. "The initial investment in this technology pays for itself in just a few years. Our lifting technology makes it possible for a single nurse or caregiver to move a patient from their bed to a wheelchair or bathroom, where previously two or more people were needed," informed Nick.

" In the IESS Centre at Wollongong Hospital we've incorporated 24 'H track systems' to ICU and a further 14 to wards on levels 4 and 5. Several have multiple curves, enabling patients to be easily transferred from bed to ensuite. A combination of fixed and portable hoist motors have been fitted to the tracks."

Self-installing portable hoist motors are a unique feature of the Guldmann system. They simply self-install to and from the track meaning staff don't have to lift or reach up to attach the motor onto the track and the hoist motor is kept safely away from a patient's head. It's no wonder hospitals, nursing homes, aged care homes, schools, special accommodation and residential homes across Australia choose to partner with HLS Healthcare for their patient handling requirements.