Disruptive Technologies in Aged Care
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The information revolution has changed the way we live and work. Not since the Industrial Revolution has there been such rapid changes in society that we now see in our daily lives. We are connected globally. Almost everyone has a device that allows them to connect across borders and continents. Personal desktop computers have really only been with us since the 1980’s but look how pervasive computing has become and how essential we find them to managing our lives, our businesses and our social connections. Remember the first mobile phones. They were the size of a house brick and could only make phone calls if you could get a signal. Now we have a device that does myriad things and also just happens to make phone calls.

The pace of change is inexorable and many in aged care are struggling to keep up. Technology and the information that it provides is disrupting the way we work and use data and we should be harnessing the power that it brings, yet many are not. I have worked in executive leadership roles now for many many more years than I was a clinician. However as a CEO my clinical background does give me a unique insight into what happens at the coal face. Lets take a look at three information technology applications in more detail. It should be noted that I am naming two products in this post. I have no affiliation or relationship with either company, and I am naming them as they are very innovative and are disrupting they way we do things.....

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