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No longer a thing of the future, smart floor technology is now available in
Australia to help aged care providers set new standards of care.

The Assisi Centre Aged Care is a not-for-profit, Italian specific 150 bed Residential Aged Care Facility located in Rosanna, Victoria. Services include a 30-bed Dementia specific unit, 30-bed high care unit as well as ageing in place.

During the planning stages of a refurbishment of its high care unit, St Francis, CEO Martin Sammut and Director of Care, Fiona Kool learned about the availability of new sensor floor technology from Finland. "Our appointed architects informed us this new technology was available in Australia that detects and monitors movement within the area which is equipped with sensors and when activated, triggers an alarm which alerts staff and records mobility patterns," Mr Sammut said.

"We are continually seeking innovative technology that is designed to improve the quality and efficiency in the care delivery to residents, including their safety and well-being, and decided now would be the time to install it since we were undergoing the refurb," he said.

The ELSI Smart Floor is developed by MariCare in Finland and installed by HLS Healthcare in Australia. The product is slowly being introduced to the Australian market and while there is a complex installation and laying process, all signs indicate the system is functioning as intended with positive readings and recording capabilities.

The ELSI Smart Floor has micro sensors under the flooring and it detects when a resident gets out of bed, has a fall, enters or exits the bedroom or bathroom. There is no need for any alarm to be worn by the resident and so is not intrusive. The system can be tailored to each individual resident's needs, ensuring that their privacy and dignity is maintained at all times. It also detects up to 4 people, including the resident and differentiates each person using colour differentiation. In essence, staff are able to monitor resident mobility from their workstations and are able to respond to falls and other incidents more quickly.

"Our managers and staff who will use the system have been given training and through this they identified that the system records every event to the database and so can better analyse and assess what has occurred leading up to and after an event," Mr Sammut said.

"The changes and benefits we anticipate include efficiencies in care, establishment of improved individualised care plans that incorporate closer analysis of the resident patterns involving sleep, toileting and continence care and prevention of falls."

"Staff are extremely excited by the technology and what it has to offer, not to mention the feeling of pioneering something new as we believe we ours is the first residential aged care faci lity to be using this system in Victoria and by all accounts Aust ral ia," he said.

"The Assisi Centre Aged Care is very fortunate to have the ongoing support of The Lorenzo and Pamela Galli Foundation, which has helped to fund the floor installation. We continually update residents, families and st aff at quarterly meet ings and everyone is keen to see it up and running, knowing it will lead to positive outcomes for resident care and the work ' environment," he said.

In addition to the smart floor, the organisation has installed ceiling hoist tracks to replace traditional lifting machines, catering menus are electronically displayed while the facilities auditorium is fitted with a 'hearing loop' to cater for residents with hearing impairment. Residents have access to iPads and enjoy visiting their country of birth or the home that they grew up in via Google Earth while many are regularly using Skype to stay in touch with family and friends.

All resident rooms are fitted with electronic high/low beds and have wall mounted TVs in order to create space and to ensure a safe working environment for staff.

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