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Murray to Moyne


The HLS Healthcare Cycling Team consists of employees, partners, colleagues and friends of HLSHealthcare.
The team is riding in a fundraising event, the cycling relay Murray To Moyne.

This is your invitation to join the team.

The team has nominated to participate in the Night Ride category as follows.

Event Details

The event is a cycling relay that will cover approximately 520km from Echuca to Port Fairy.

  • Arrive Echuca, Friday 31/03/17 evening.
  • Ride Saturday 01/04/17 morning into the evening from Echuca to Hamilton.
  • Ride Sunday 02/04/17 morning until lunch from Hamilton to Port Fairy.
  • Depart Sunday 02/04/17 after lunch to return to Melbourne.


Registration is made directly on the Murray To Moyne website: www.murraytomoyne.com.au

You will require the following details to register:

  • Team: HLS Healthcare Cycling Team,
  • Team Password: RideOnHLS
  • The cost to each participant is $110.
  • You will need to pay this fee upon registration.

Our Chosen Charity.

The purpose of the event is to raise funds for Moyne Health Services and facilitate fund raising for institutions across Victoria and to promote healthy lifestyles through cycling.

The chosen charity of the HLS Healthcare Cycling Team is the Colac Area Health Foundation.

The Colac Area Health Foundation supports Colac Area Health’s commitment to provide the community with integrated health care services.

In addition to your time and registration fee, the team is hopeful you will be able to undertake a small amount of fund raising to contribute to the team’s goal of $5000.

What you get!

Your $110 registration fee gives you the following benefits:

  • event entry,
  • an HLS riding jersey,
  • accommodation on Friday and Saturday nights,
  • shared transport to, from and during the event.

What you need!

  • a bike,
  • a cycling helmet,
  • black cycling bib-knicks (if you want the full lycra experience),
  • bike lights and water bottle,
  • a moderate level of cycling fitness,
  • $ money to purchase food and drinks throughout the weekend, much of which will be on
    offer from event organisers at very reasonable prices.



On the Bike Logistics

HLS’s team is based on participation and, with the right equipment and a moderate level of cycling
fitness, everyone is welcome to join our team.

The HLS Healthcare Cycling Team will organise into 3 groups based on cycling ability:

  • Group 1 shall be able to cycle at approximately 20 to 25 kph for up to 45 mins,
  • Group 2 shall be able to cycle at approximately 25 to 30 kph for up to 75 mins,
  • Group 3 shall be able to cycle at above 30 kph for up to 90 mins,

One of these groups will be ‘on the road’ at all times, and in accordance with the ‘relay’ concept,
will ‘handover’ to the next group at the completion of their stint on the road.

Each group will cycle together during their stint and will complete multiple stints over the course
of the event.

We aim to have a minimum of 4 riders in each of the 3 groups (the more the merrier).

Support Crew

The HLS Cycling Team also consists of a support crew. The support crew will assist the riders by transporting the bikes and bikers to the handover points to maintain the continuity of the relay.

They will also provide support in the form of food, drinks and pep-talks.

The support crew are also invited to register as per the registration instruction above and are required to pay the $110 registration fee. In place of the riding jersey, support crew will receive an official HLS Support Crew t-shirt.


As with any event of this nature, you will be required to sign off on a indemnity-disclaimer in order to register. HLS recommends that you have personal health insurance and income protection insurance to support you in the unlikely event of an incident or injury.

Training Rides.

For those based in Melbourne, a number of training rides will be organised in order to tune up our fitness and bunch riding skills. Stay tuned for these invitations.

More information.

Information updates/newsletters will be released over the coming weeks, so please pose any questions that you have so that I can share answers with the entire team.
Please contact: