Bariatric Slings

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Basic High Bariatric, 500 kg

Bariatric basic high


Supports the whole body including the head.

Suitable for

  • lifting persons with little control over their head and body
  • lifting to and from a lying position (bed and floor etc.)
  • lifting to and from a seated position
  • lifting and transfers from all patient furniture surfaces and the floor.


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Gait Trainer Bariatric, 500 kg

Gait trainer

The Gait Trainer Bariatric is designed to give the user the ability to pratice standing and walking, providing confidence and the ability to practice without the risk of falling. It supports the pelvis and pannus area in a comfortable way. 

Supports the pelvis area and pannus. 

Suitable for
Bariatric patients. Will support the patient in a standing position, maximizing comfort and support.

Pannus Support

Pannus sling

Providing personal hygiene assistance to patients with large abdomens may, in some cases, be a physically challenging task.

The Pannus Support is a supporting sling that can be used with the ceiling hoist or mobile lifter to avoid a difficult manual lift of the pannus.

Pannus Support will help hold the pannus in a position that eases the personal hygiene task for both caretaker and patient.

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Twin Turner Bariatric

twin turner bariatric

Makes it possible to roll a patient on both sides without removing the sling.

Enables placing of sling under patients without having to roll or move them.

Smaller surface area of material for this sling allows access to patient's skin for inspection, treatment and care.

Product Information

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Repositioning sling Bariatric, 500 kg

Repositioning sling

A sling for use as part of the linen make-up of the patient bed; leave positioned underneath patient, ready to use for care tasks.

Suitable for
Rolling to sidelying, repositioning patient up in bed, sitting forward head and trunk, supine lateral transfers to another surface such as beds + stretchers, and full lift in supine off of bed to zero bed scale, stripe linen, or other.

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