KitFrame VertiElectric

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Frame for wall cupboards.
Electrical height adjustable 30cm.
For cupboards height 70 - 90cm.

Electrical height adjustable frame for wall units. Ideal for sheltered housing. The frame is not visible in use



  • This electric wall unit frame enables the user to reach items in a wall unit that otherwise would be impossible to reach.
  • The system raises and lowers wall units 30cm vertically, simply by pushing a control switch, normally located in fascia below the worktop.
  • The framework remains completely hidden throughout the movement.
  • Only 5cm of extra projection is added to the wall units, so that there is still worktop space in front of the units at the low position.
  • Two models of frames are made which can support wall units from 30 - 120cm.
  • A safety stop plate can be fitted below the units to prevent the risk of trapping anything on the worktop below.
  • Lights can be fitted in the safety stop plate to improve visibility.
  • VertiElectric is ideal in private homes.