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VENDLET V5 promotes the non-lifting culture

VENDLET is an electric turn sheet. By using the VENDLET you reduce the physical strain of caregivers that handle bedridden patients.

VENDLET is the only turning system that is operated by a hand control. The patient is turned in a dignified and comfortable way while the nursing staff are ensured minimal loads and optimum postures.

Patient Turning System

With VENDLET V5 all operation is done by the handcontrol, which makes the use of VENDLET even more simple and straightforward. At the same time VENDLET V5 is faster and more simple to mount, and easier to customise various beds.

VENDLET V5 makes the handling of the bedridden patient simple and effective as well as gentle and dignified.

VENDLET V5 is used for handling bedridden patients, for example.:

  • turning
  • moving from one side of the bed to the other
  • repositioning the patient up in the bed
  • mobilising the patient in and out of the bed
  • transferring the patient from one bed to another

VENDLET V5 – simple in use, great effect in work tasks with the care of the bedridden and improved design.

VENDLET V5+ is the fully automatic turning sheet for handling the bariatric bedridden patients.