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Swing Basin

Swing wash basin

The shape and size of the washbasin ensures that seated and standing users can use the basin from the front or sides. A model of the washbasin can also be height adjusted to suit individual users.

  • Increased independence — Users will be able to use the washbasin and the toilet on their own, giving them greater independence while carers can deal with other tasks.
  • Space optimisation — The basin’s ability to swing 180° gives more space for wheelchair users and can make smaller rooms more accessible.
  • Improved hygiene — Users are able to wash their hands after toiletting before transfer.
Accessory kit, detachable: storage boxes, tray

Swing wash basin accesories

Support Basin

Support wash basinBasin that is height-adjustable and ideal for bathrooms used by multiple users with individual needs. It may be in hospitals and nursing homes, but also in private homes.

  • Easy to clean — A perfect and elegant design that minimizes dirt from accumulating.
  • Manual/Electric height adjustment — Easy to use without tools, but just a crank or pushbutton.

remote control