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Product Information

INKOLET is a disposable incontinence sheet with a very large surface and high absorbency.

INKOLET contains fluff pulp, which ensures a good absorbency and rapid spread
of liquid. In addition, INKOLET contains superabsorber (SAP), which provides extra absorption and reduces odor. Fluid channels in the sheet ensures that liquid is easily spread into the sheet, which reduces the risk of leaks.

The surface is made of a liquid absorbent nonwoven material that appears dry and soft against the skin. The surface is antibacterial treated and bio-compatible.

The backside is covered with a waterproof PE film. INKOLET is sealed on all four edges. The seal ensures stable and strong edges and ensures that the PE - backside does not come into contact with the patients skin.

Inteded Use

With INKOLET you get a very large surface with a single sheet. Consequently
you achieve sufficient coverage using one large sheet rather than using two or
more smaller incontinence sheets. Several incontinence sheets overlapping increases the risk of leaks. Overlaps can also be uncomfortable for the patient and can lead to pressure ulcers.

The large size also makes INKOLET particularly suitable for use with a VENDLET
since it is able to reach beyond the VENDLET-systems bars and thereby follows the patient in turing procedures protecting sheet and mattress throughout the procedure.