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Product Information

Positioning is of decisive importance for the users comfort and wellbeing. Positioning is also an important part of the healing and preventative measures.

There are many situations in which positioning should be a matter of great attention.

This is in particular true with:

  • Permanent or long-term bedridden patients
  • Patients with reduced mobility
  • Patients with pressure ulcers or pressure ulcer risk
  • Patients receiving hygiene procedures in bed
  • Restless and unstable patients

When positioning is integrated in the care for such patients, it will have a major influence on the progression of their disease and their overall quality of life.

Positioning will also have a positive impact on care-giver health and safety, as the processes around the patient often will be easier to manage and handle.


Tube 250

LEJRELET Tube 250 is a long soft cylinder cushion that - unlike many other cylinder cushions - is filled with viscoelastic foam granules. This makes Tube 250 stable and easy to shape and the filling stays where you want it. Furthermore, the filling gives Tube 250 a good weight which provides good tactile stimuli. ThereforeTube 250 has a calming effect on many users.

Tube 250 is longer than other cylinder cushions which makes it possible to do a positioning of the entire body, even for tall users. Since the user can be positioned in a way that makes him or her calmer, the working environment for the care-givers will be improved.

Examples for use of LEJRELET Tube 250:

  • Support of the entire body in lateral position.
  • Positioning in a 30 degree angle.
  • Pressure relief for scapula and arms.
  • Support of legs and pressure relief of heels.
  • Comfort and calming positioning.


Tube 125LEJRELET Tube 125 offers the same characteristics as the LEJRELET – Tube 250. Excellent pliability offers great usability in many situations.
However, it is only half the length, equal to 125 cm, and weighs only 3 kg.

LEJRELET Tube 125 works well with shorter people and tall children. It also works well for people with lower extremity amputation and who need good support for the amputation.

Further to this LEJRELET Tube 125 can easily be folded/moulded into a shape that offers good support for people suffering from strong contractions.

Examples for use of LEJRELET Tube 125:

  • Support of the body in lateral position.
  • For 30-degree positioning for leg amputees.
  • Support of legs and forearms in a sitting position.
  • Stable lateral position when contracted in flexion.


WedgeLEJRELET Wedge is a triangular cushion that is used in many different situations for both stabilization, relief and positioning.

Wedge is modelled from an anatomical view of the thorax and the pelvis. If Wedge for example is used for stabilizing in front of the body, the height ofWedge fits in a way that gives maximum support to the arm and torso.

Positioning in lateral position with Wedge either in front of the body or behind the back provides the user with good stability. This makes the work situation easier for the caregiver, for example when attending wounds or other treatment.

Examples for use of LEJRELET Wedge:

  • Stabilizing behind the back in lateral position.
  • Stabilizing in front of the body in lateral position.
  • Support of arm in lateral position.
  • Support of leg in lateral position.
  • Positioning in a 30 degree angle


Pad highLEJRELET Pad High is a rectangular cushion that is used for various stabilization, relieving and positioning situations.

Pad High is modelled from an anatomical view of the thorax and the pelvis. If Pad High for example is used for supporting the leg in lateral position you ensure that the hip flexion is kept neutral. That is: you avoid lumbar rotation, compression in the hip joint and stretching of the joint capsule.

Supporting the leg in a lateral position with Pad High ensures a better working position for the caregivers with e.g. lower hygiene procedures.
Examples for use of LEJRELET Pad High:

  • Support of leg in lateral position.
  • Support of leg during lower hygiene.
  • Support of arm in lateral position.
  • Support of legs and pressure relief of heels.


Pad LowLEJRELET Pad Low is made from viscoelastic foam which makes it easy to shape and adapt to the user. This ensures optimum relief and adaptation in situations where there is a need for extra stability and support.

Pad Low can be used in various positioning and relieving situations. Pad Low can also be used to protect the user against hard surfaces or sharp edges e.g. when transferred.

Pad Low can be used flat, coiled, bent or folded.

Examples for use of LEJRELET Pad Low:

  • Support of arm/hand.
  • Support of lower leg or heel(s).
  • Pressure relief for heels.
  • Pressure relief between knees in lateral position.
  • Coiled as abduction wedge.


OvalLEJRELET Oval is a small oval cushion made of viscoelastic foam granules. With the LEJRELET Oval we introduce the concept “The Walking Cushion”.

“The Walking Cushion” is a concept that works with frequent and discreet repositioning which ensures a calm night for the bedridden. This in turn supports an uninterrupted sleep for the bedridden, which is very important for the metabolic cycle.

LEJRELET Oval is made with a very flexible material and offers excellent pliability. Consequently, it is very easy to use and the bedridden experiences good support and comfort.

Examples for use of LEJRELET Oval:

  • Between the knees or feet.
  • As lumbar support.
  • Support of shoulder or elbow.
  • Support of paralyzed arm or hand.
  • Between arm and thorax.


The LEJRELET cushions can be used individually as well as in combination with one another. This offers great flexibility and opportunity for you to utilize your creativity and professionalism in order to find the best support for your client.

Combining Wedge and Pad High is very useful in many situations. Below we show some of the more common combinations of the 2 cushions.
You can also watch a video demonstrating the combinations of the 2 cushions